next :

* colaboration at Exoglands
during first two week of May we will be at Hangar Centre de Producció with Anarcha Lucy Betsey working on a implementation of a biopunk lab and building more tools for the gynepunk autonomous lab as a Pechblenda tentacle. very very excited ! ! ! !

* Akelarre cyborg at lisboa first week of june…/2014-2015/workshopbodynoise

* preparing plasticocene for second and third week of june. working on a 3d xtruder replika to recycle plastic to use again with 3D printers


going to build a bioamplifier device

in parallel developing second fase of Calafou sustainable food garden systems for "internet of things" with

a bit busy but a lot of fun and desires to have more and more things working around ! ! !
all text/color is linkeable