desplaza las barras inferior y derecha para hacer un visionado completo
from KAren BArad
Biohacking : Investigación científica como capacidad de performar la realidad. (Una revisión transhackfeminista del hackeo de la ciencia)
pin-)étronika and components ... funny introduction about electronic components and vibrations
text generated for the RCK reallity creation kit.
Pedro Soler, daxx, Oscar Abril Acaso and more ..,,,.,.,.,..,., intraactivity ,.,.,..,,.,. karen BArad inspiation throgh our experience with matter
s to perform the reallity
microsound experience RCK
the machinery of live
David S. Goodsell
Multispecies Becomings in the Anthropocene' I engages my mind with Karen Barad's intriguing concept.

The ideas of agential realism and intra-action provide useful insights into the process of co-creation of matter, particularly the relevance to human and non-human animal relationships.